impulskontrol.dk    proudly presents: Factorio DrugLab

Factorio Druglab covers both pharmaceutical and petrochemical production:
Petrochem energy and polymer production:

Tar sands
Synthetic crude
Natural gas

Potassium based oxydizers (for chemical treatment of water and other substances).

Napalm production, napalm canister and handheld napalm-flamethrower.

This mod adds machinery, plants, chemicals and compounds needed for illicit drug production:
Chemical and petrochemical products needed for cocaine production are produced in new production facilities: The Simple Leaf Cooker, the Wooden Drug Cooker, the Leaf Cooker, the Advanced Leaf Cooker, the Oil Agitator, the Big Oil Agitator, the Deepdrill, the Greenhouse and the Drug Furnace. Factorio DrugLab also adds more than 48 new items and 32 new gases, fluids and pastes. And a large number of new crafting options.

Change log:

1.1.1. Initial upload.
1.1.2. Changed homepage info in info.json
1.1.3. Resolved recipe conflict between vanilla and druglab sulfur production.
1.1.4. Added Simple Leaf Cooker for Ground Coco Leaves production using the Yoki Tani entity design.
1.1.5. Added Wooden Drug Cooker for Bazuco production using the Yoki Tani entity design.
1.1.6. Removed legacy graphic resources for leafwasher
1.1.7. Fixed Mod-tab name – changed to Factorio DdrugLab. Changed icon for druglab tab. Fixed player inventory size in data.lua Down to 220.
1.1.8. Fixed categories for production in leaf washers and leaf cookers.
1.1.9. Fixed research costs for unlocking technologies. Added realistic dependecies.
1.2.0. Fixed mining of advanced oil agitators. Added recipes for activated charcoal, purified water from steam and from using activated charcoal.
1.2.1. Garbage data discarded from files.
1.3.0. Major upgrade to research and science pack production. Added Pharmaceutical Assembler.
1.3.1. Changes to information in info.jason.
1.3.2. Minor changes to language.
1.3.3. Typos.
1.3.4. Mint included (Druglord request).
1.3.5. Graphics updates.
1.3.6. Fix of misnamed file “hr-advand/ced-furnace-working.png”. Icons for minty wastewater, nitric wastewater and sufuric wastewater. Fix of double entry for mint oil research.
1.3.7. Recipe change: Green Coco Paste: yellow waste water changed to green waste water.
Inclusion of Korean translation in locale. Ammonium sulfate recipe unlock fixed.
1.3.8. Corrections to technology and recipes unlocked.
1.3.9. Added technology unlock for recipes for “rocket part parts” and satellites. Fixed errors caused by stack overflow when unpacking a 2000 g cocaine “brick”. Changed ash stack size.
1.4.0. Solid Fuel from Fuel Oil, Kerrosine, Diesel. Napalm Flamethrower, Napalm Canister.
1.4.1. Napalm turret, Napalm damage research, Research requirements reorganized, Performance enhancement in production of potassium permanganate, cocaine extraction mix and coco-paste, plastic from propane recipe.

1.4.2 Update will improve compatibility with other mods.
1.4.3 Factorio 0.16 updates, German translation, [Hot-keys module-prep], Wax chemical, Ash/fc. 
1.4.4 Technology: Napalm Fire Warfare, Graphics for manganese sediments,128-icon-prep, changes to research requirements.
1.4.5 Misnamed file reference corrected. 
1.4.6 Manganese ore name fix. 
1.4.7 Manganese processing and graphics changes. 
1.4.8 Ore placement changes.
1.4.9 Petrochemical science 3
1.5.0 Stages for tar sands. Changes to research requirements. Basic bitumen technology added. 
1.5.1 Resource spawning adjustments, added shale formation resource spawn. 
1.5.2 High-res graphics fix. 
1.5.3 Reheating boiler, landfill, solid fuel from bitumen.
1.6.1 Updated Factorio version number, added legacy graphics, changed science pack names. 
1.6.2 Integrated thumbnail.
1.6.3 Thumbnail resized.
1.6.4 Name corrections for high science names. Tehchnology icons for coca slurry and ground coca leaves. Adjustments to recipes for synthetic crude and cocaine hydrocloride. 
1.6.5 Fracking station fluidboxes fixed. Shale rock resource fixed. 
1.6.6 Fracking technologies added. Added recipes for injection water, fracking fluid, natural gas and potassium carbonate. 
1.6.7 Recipes for NGL, methane, ethane. Technology descriptions added. 
1.6.8 Changes to graphics and sound of slurry cooker. 
1.6.9 Added recipes for ethylene, plastic, wastewaterdisposal and synthetic crude oil. 
1.7.0 Updates graphics for natural gas products. 
1.7.1 Updates to technologies, technology names and tech-descriptions. Character/player change fix.


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If you have any unexpected problems with the software please report. Don’t hesitate to do so – bug reports are not a nuisance and are actually quite useful in maintaining the software.

Blueprints for tarsand bitumen production

Blueprint for tar sands slurry load station. Copy and paste text-string into blueprint.

Use upgrade planner to change belts, splitters and inserters to suitable version.

Bitumen module. Copy textstring to blueprint.

Use upgrade planner to change belts, splitters and inserters to suitable version.

Synthetic crude oil from bitumen. Copy text-string.